ETHIOPIA AFERARA - SEMEON ABAY埃塞俄比亞 西蒙阿拜 Offered By Nordic Approach Altitude 高度:2000 Meter Variety 品種: Heirloom Process 處理法: Natural 日曬 Harvest Year採收年份: 2019 Tasting Note 風味描述 : Cranberry Guava Pomegranate Stewed Strawberry Latic 蔓越莓 番石榴 燴煮士多啤梨 益力多(乳酸) Roasting Level 烘焙度: Light Roasted 淺烘焙 Package 包裝 : 220 grams克 /Bag包 (約半磅) Remark 備註: This coffee was produced in special fermentation process at the Adola Washing Station which coffee does not look pretty, but it tastes great. Rather than handpick the coffee to remove all the less-than-gorgeous beans, we suggest leave them in because they give a different dimension to the coffee. 此款咖啡豆經特別方式發酵處理, 有小部份豆外表看起來不太完美, 但風味極佳, 有助提升杯中咖啡的複雜度。 *本地咖啡豆訂單滿 HK$300 順豐包郵  Free Delivery by SF Express for local coffee bean order value over HK$300. **如欲使用信用卡以外方式付款 ( PAYME/ 轉數快FPS/ 本地銀行過戶 等 ) , 可於結帳時選擇 "MANUAL PAYMENT/手動付款" ,帳號/ 轉數快 等 資料 將於稍後確定訂單郵件中提供。 For local customer who would like to settle payment by Local Bank transfer/ PAYME/ FPS, Please choose "Manul payment" at "Check Out", Bank/PAYME/FPS detials will be provided in the confrimation email.


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