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UniTerra Nomad

-The Go Every Where Espresso Machine






Nomad(™) Espresso Machine



Nomad(™)起源於Kickstarter,是由美國的Dr. Vincent Chen 和 Curt Morgan 研發,設計靈感來自於經典的手動拉霸式(Lever)咖啡機。Kickstart計劃開始不久已超額 ,同時被美國各大媒體爭相報導(包括Forbes、TechCrunch等)



  • 全手動,不需要電源,只需Nomad、咖啡和熱水便能沖煮咖啡

  • 任何人不需要透過繁複的學習,也能簡單輕鬆地沖煮出高品質的Espresso

  • 可使用自己喜愛的咖啡豆,能為自己提供更多選擇,更加不用煩惱咖啡膠囊(capsule)不環保,購買不方便

  • 輕便,只有1.1kg,方便攜帶至不同場合

  • Nomad沖煮出來的咖啡味道絕對能比美現在咖啡界也在追求的經典的手動拉霸機


Nomad(™)官方Youtube Video:




Nomad™ 技術規格:

尺寸:17 cm x 17 cm 15 cm (長 x 闊 x 高)

滿水量:300 cc (10 oz)

咖啡濾器/粉碗尺寸:50 mm

機身凈重:1.18 kg (2.6 lbs)

萃取壓力:6 ~ 9 bars (87 ~ 130 psi)

壓力計測量範圍:0 ~ 11 bars (0 ~ 160 psi)





























The Nomad is a completely new approach to the manual lever espresso machine.  While there are many ways to make great cafe espresso with its characteristic rich and full, delicious crema the classic lever machines from Gaggia, LaPavoni, Faema, Elektra and others are still considered the enbodiment of the highest art of expresso making devices.  These machines though temperamental and difficult to operate made espresso brewing a skillful craft and produce results without equal.  The Nomad uses this same time honored approach putting the best hand crafted espresso literally at your fingertips.  Like the great classic machines the user is directly in touch and in control of the brewing process.  But unlike the earlier machines the Nomad is small, easy to operate, and produces consistent top quality results, shot after shot, after shot.  Beverages produced with the Nomad rival not only the commercial machines but also the classic lever machines as well.  Because it is hand powered and the only energy it requires is that needed to boil water it has been termed "the greenest espresso machine ever".  And Yes -- you can take it with you.


Advancing the art and science of espresso making is never easy and the Nomad was developed by a scientist and an engineer over a four year period.  Breakthroughs included creating high pressure micro-pump technology for espresso brewing, simplify pressure locking of the portafilter with a lever-seal mechanism, and the proprietary True Crema Valve.  The Micro-Pump technology makes it easy to produce nine or more bars of pressure at the proper flow rate.  The lever-seal mechanism eliminated the complex movement, difficult aim, and unsure locking of the portafilter by an bayonet mount employed by almost all espresso machines.  The True Crema Valve relaxes the grind and tamping requirement so that emulsification of the extracted matters from the coffee ground can be achieved reliably and completely, producing a full, beautiful crema.


The Nomad was funded on Kickstarter in 2013 and in 2014 we delivered all Kickstarter rewards to rave reviews.  The product was debuted at the 2014 Specialty Coffee Annual Event in Seattle.  Now in its third  production run distribution channels are spreading in many countries.  All over the world people are leaving other espresso makers behind and switching over to catch the Nomad phenomenon.  The Nomad has been awarded by multiple utility and design patents and patents pending in the U.S. and internationally.


The Nomad makes great espresso, in fact extraordinary espresso, it is easy and fun to use, small and portable, earth friendly, and much more.  But it is not just about getting a good cup of coffee it is about the whole brewing experience, the ritual.  It is about how the Nomad looks on your table, how it feels and sounds (quiet) when you operate it, about using your own coffee and technique to make a great hand crafted espresso just the way you like it.  It is about friends that start coming to your house just to see the Nomad work and taste the results.  We created the Nomad for discerning coffee enthusiasts that love coffee.  Our goal was to make a quality product for people that would appreciate it.  The result is the Nomad - take a look and you will see it looks and works like no other espresso machine before.  Give it a try and taste the best espresso you have ever made.

清潔小技巧/ Cleaning Tips:






*建議每次使用後都把 TCV用水沖洗以免被咖啡細粉塞住,拆除TCV時請小心放好墊圈。*

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