LEGENDARY GESHA -PEÑA BLANCA- Farm Name: El Injerto EstateCertifications: Rain Forest Alliance and CARBON NEUTRALCoffee Name: Legendary Gesha (Peña Blanca)Lot #: EI07Harvest date: April 12, 2020Variety: GESHA Central America (seeds from Panama)  Message from the farm: History : The seeds from the first plants we had at El Injerto came direclty from our friends at Hacienda La Esmeralda after a trip to Panama that Aguirre Sr. did. It was an honor to us to had this seeds and we treat them as they were: Royal Beans. That is why the name of Legendary Gesha after all its History. This region is our second area with Geisha, planted one year later than Los Pinos. This area is facing west of the farm and receive the afternoon sun. Process: Peak Performance Process (P3). We call this to our exahustive process of hand sorting, separation and selection of the coffee beans through out the washed and dry mill. IIncludes cold extended fermentation, soaking for 24hrs after washing and very slow drying. This enhances the flavors and increases the life time of the coffee! Altitude: 1610 maslAvg. Temp: 13ºC to 26ºCRainfall: 1500 mm AverageGrowing Region: Huehuetenango, GuatemalaOwner/Exporter: El Injerto S.A.Mill: El Injerto Drying Method: African Beds - Under Shade - Inside Green House. Cupping Notes: Fully ripen cherries provide this coffee with characteristic sugar of fruit maturation, fragrance of guava, lavender and bergamot surprise your olfactory sense. Notes of green tea, lemon tea and cotton candy; hints of eucalypt add to its complexity. Tangerine acidity is well combined with plums and peaches in the aftertaste. Definitely, a coffee to remember. Farm details						Farm Name:			El Injerto S.A.							Farmer Name:			Arturo Aguirre							District:			La Libertad							Village:			Huehuetenango							Farm Elevation:			1500 - 1900							Average Rainfall:			2000mm							Processing Method:			Wet Process							Drying Method:			Green House/African beds							Mill:			El Injerto S.A.			  Package:  200g/ Bag REMARK 備註 :*本地咖啡豆訂單 滿 HK$300 順豐包郵 Free Local Delivery by SF Express for coffee bean order value over HK$300. **如欲使用信用卡以外方式付款 ( PAYME/ 轉數快FPS/ 本地銀行過戶 等 ) , 可於結帳時選擇 "MANUAL PAYMENT/手動付款" ,帳號/ 轉數快 等 資料 將於稍後確定訂單郵件中提供。 For local customer who would like to settle payment by Local Bank transfer/ PAYME/ FPS, Please choose "Manual payment" at "Check Out", Bank/PAYME/FPS detials will be provided in the confrimation email.


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