Zuirens Coffee 精選咖啡豆: Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Kochere Sheepherder G1 Natural


配合特制咖啡袋,只需注入熱水、冷水或冰塊,放進冰箱,簡單方便。 只要有熱水,就可安在家中享用專業級精品咖啡。

此咖啡袋為特制商品,冷熱皆宜, 除制作冷萃或熱浸泡咖啡外,亦非常方便戶外使用,每包可沖400ML 咖啡,夏日冷飲最為方便,完美解決因加冰塊而令咖啡味道改變的問題!

*每組含有3包 *我們會於寄出一刻才安排為咖啡豆研磨以確保風味保持在最佳狀態, 建議收到後請盡快使用。


Zuirens Coffee's special pack hot/cold brew for this summer: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Sheepherder G1 Natural.

Perfact for Hot, cold brew, Fruity with a hint of floral favour, and a balanced sweet and sour aftertaste .

With the special coffee bag, all you need to do is just pour hot /cold water or ice in, seal it with the special design zipper on the top of the coffee bag and put it into the fridge for cold brew or pour it out as hot coffee after few minutes submersion .

This coffee bag is specially designed for instant coffee brewing which doesn’t require any special brewing tools and is safe for hot or cold water. Except from using it at home or office, it would be also a great idea to enjoy it outdoor. Each coffee bag can hold 400ml of water, so, let's share your coffee with your friends and family!* Each package contains 3 individual bags

冷萃咖啡包3個組Cold Brew Bags(package of 3)

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